originally published in the 2015 Summer Issue

F or many people, attending university after high school can be an intimidating task – especially at an institution like the University of Toronto. There are many reasons why students do not attend postsecondary studies after completing high school: they may have had challenging experiences in formal education previously, they may not have done well in high school or completed it at all or they may have wanted to focus on other priorities such as work, travel or starting a family. The reality is, though, that there are opportunities to enter university studies at the University of Toronto for students who find themselves in positions such as these.

The Academic Bridging Program at Woodsworth College at the University of Toronto provides a pathway, for students who have been away from formal education for some time, to enter degree studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science. This unique program offers small class sizes, more individualized attention and support, and a greater focus on academic skills to ease the transition into university studies. There are also a number of financial supports that help make an opportunity that seems impossible, fully accessible to students in different circumstances.

The Academic Bridging Program has seen a number of changes over the years including changing demographics of students and a renewed focus on offering different options to meet the needs of students. Recently, a full-time option was launched allowing students to take three courses, including an academic skills course and a small group seminar course, and become more fully immersed in the university experience. This year, a fall intensive program will begin in September that will allow students to complete the program in the fall academic term for the first time. In addition, the program is launching a new course on Environmental Studies to meet the needs of students interested in this emerging field. There are now so many different ways to enter university through Academic Bridging.

Anyone considering university unsure if they qualify or would be considered should get in touch with the staff at the Academic Bridging Program. The team is happy to meet with any interested student and outline their options at the University of Toronto. For more information, please visit: We value your opinion. Please let us know what you think about this article. Let us know at

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