originally published in 2015 Summer Issue

One of the joys of being newly retired is that I can now attend all the graduations at Access Business College. I was present at the May 8th graduation ceremony where, in recognition of Mothers’ Day, those graduates who were also mothers were presented with roses. That personal touch and the attention paid to the students as individuals, distinguishes Access Business College. Access is one of the Career Colleges that are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities.

It was at the ceremony on May 8th that I met Maheswaran Ganapathipillai, a recipient of the Property Administrator Diploma. Talking with him, I couldn’t help but admire his remarkable ‘can-do’ attitude.

Before coming to Canada, Maheswaran worked as an irrigation engineer in Sri Lanka. One of his responsibilities involved negotiating his way past Tamil Tigers and government soldiers in order to bring fresh water from the highlands to the coastal areas. Then, in the tsunami of 2004, he lost everything. Since coming to Canada, Maheswaran has worked in production at a cosmetic company. Now that he has earned his Property Administrator Diploma at Access Business College, he is looking for an employer who would benefit from his skills, his work ethic and his experience.

Having coordinated a co-op program for newcomers, I am aware of the multiple skills and knowledge that someone like Maheswaran brings to a job. Firstly having earned the Property Administrator Diploma at Access, he has become adept in all the latest computer applications needed for an administrative job today. Secondly, with his wealth of technical engineering knowledge, Maheswaran understands the complex systems needed to keep a modern property running. Thirdly, but no less important, his consummate people skills and practical know-how gained though life experience, would surely resolve almost any property administrative crisis that confronted him. From my conversation with Maheswaran, it was clear that with his newly-acquired skills from Access Business College and his wealth of transferable experience and skills, he would make a wonderful asset for any property.

If you miss out on hiring Maheswaran, here are some equally-skilled graduates of the Property Administrator Diploma at Access. In the photo above they are (l-r): Aslam Shah; Peter Kotsionis, Maheswaran Ganapathipillai, Vladimir Lungu.

Property Administrator is one of the programs that Access offers that has good labour market prospects. Other high-demand diploma programs include: Banking and Financial Services, Business Administration, Computerized Accounting and Canadian Payroll, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Medical Office Assistant, and Graphic/Web Design. See

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