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Resume Must-Haves for 2021

By LISA TRUDEL - February 16 2021

If you are job searching this year it is a new era. It is a time of online applications and interviews via Zoom, however all job seekers still require a resume. This has not been deleted yet.

Whether you are applying for job, networking with a new LinkedIn contact, or applying for a college program, you can be asked “please email your resume to me”. Here are 4 tips to ensure that you are prepared for your next opportunity:

  1. Include your expertise with remote technologies. If your resume still states “good computer skills including Excel and PowerPoint” it is time to update this to a 2021 expression. Include a line such as: “Advanced digital fluency skills with experience in using remote technologies to communicate with project teams”.
  2. Include how you have adapted to COVID-19. All of us has dealt with the global pandemic and there is no reason to shy away from it. In your “summary” or “highlights” section include a line such as “Accepted remote responsibilities within 2-week time period resulting in continued customer satisfaction”.
  3. Include the link to your LinkedIn profile. At the very top of your resume should be your name, and then on the next line should be your city, and then your phone number and then your email address. Be sure to include one more contact which is the link to your LinkedIn. However, only include it if it is ready to be shown to the world. Statistics prove that LinkedIn is just as important as a resume, so promise yourself to create one this year.
  4. Update your final line. In the past, resumes used to state “References Available Upon Request” as the final line. Then the trend was to eliminate this altogether. In 2021, it is wise to add “Recommendations and Endorsements on LinkedIn”. This encourages the reader to read your LinkedIn if they haven’t already. You should have at least two wonderful recommendations from two of your LinkedIn connections. These can be better than a traditional reference, since they are your cheerleaders for the whole world to see.

To find out more about how to write an impressive resume or how to update your LinkedIn profile, contact your local Employment Ontario Career Centre and give yourself the gift of a Career Specialist to coach you to success.

This article was written by Lisa Trudel, Career Specialist with Achev (formerly the Centre for Education and Training). You can contact Lisa at:

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