COURSES ABOUT ABORIGINAL CANADIANS                                 by Wendy Terry

originally published in the 2013 Spring Issue

As Canadians, it is important that we devote some time to learning about the First Nations of Canada. Learning Curves took a scan of the continuing education calendars to find courses that will help our readers learn about Canada’s indigenous peoples.

Humber College Continuing Education seems to have the only college courses and enough of them for you to earn an Indigenous Knowledge Certificate of eight courses. Even if you just do the two foundation courses for interest it would be worth the investment. The courses are Aboriginal People: Culture, Knowledge and World View. You can get more information by contacting the Liberal Indigenous Cultural Values, Behaviour and Identity Arts Department at 416-675-6622 Ext.4122 or at

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Toronto has extensive course offerings, and remember, you can enroll in just one course as a non-degree student without being admitted to a degree program. The foundation course is Introduction to Aboriginal Studies ABS201Y. Call Woodsworth College 416-978-4444

The Native Canadian Centre at 16 Spadina Avenue offers education programs for groups. So you could get together a group from your church, ESL program site, or worksite etc. and take the Native Canadian Bus Tour of Toronto which will show you historical landmarks illustrating the indigenous presence in Toronto. Or you can book the Aboriginal Outreach Program to make a presentation in your community. You will learn about the traditions and teachings of Indigenous Nations. This presentation “brings Native people out of the history books and into a contemporary context moving away from common stereotypes and misconceptions.” Call 416-964-9087

The Native Canadian Centre recommends visiting the Toronto Public Library at 10 Spadina Avenue which has an excellent Native Peoples Resource Collection. Distance Education Laurentian University 705-675-4897. If our readers know of more courses please tweet, facebook or email us. At @ learningcurves1; learningcurves-WEA;

Toronto, Canada