Humber college's part-time writing courses go online

originally published December 2010


            As anyone interested in creative writing knows, Humber College’s School for Creative & Performing Arts has one of the best reputations for nurturing experienced and would-be writers. The part-time program is offering a number of interesting courses. The following courses starting in January are:


Advanced Fiction Workshop (online)

January 12 – April 20, 2011

Blogging 101

January 11 – March 15, 2011 

Creative Writing Kick-Start

March 26, 2011

Editing: Live!

January 13 – April 7, 2011

How’s Your Colon? A Grammar Primer

January 12 – March 2, 2011

Introduction to Memoir Writing

January 19 –April 27, 2011

Writing Children’s Books

January 19 – March 23, 2011

Writing Fiction 1 (in class or online)

January 11 – April 19, 2011

Writing Fiction 2.

January 12 – April 20, 2011

Blasting Through Writer’s Block

March 24 – April 21, 2011

Creative Writing Kick-Start

March 26, 2011


            No grades are given for these courses. The help you receive as a budding author takes the place of marks.

          How’s Your Colon? A Grammar Primer is a new course which will help you identify the hurdles of your most commonly made mistakes and learn the particular pleasure of solidly structured, coyly crafted, and punctually perfect sentences, paragraphs and, yes, even letters and emails.

            Also new are the two online courses. Advanced Fiction Workshop is only offered online while Writing Fiction 1 is online and also in class.

            In Writing Fiction 1, whether in class or online, students learn and practise how to develop character, drive plot, establish setting, and train their ears to write the smart dialogue and lyric language that set fiction on fire. To identify and employ craft, the students analyze readings and discuss peer assignments, learn to mine life experiences and imagination in exercises, and ultimately gain the arsenal of skills necessary to wrangle and shape their work all in the company of a supportive, encouraging classroom community.

            The online course has several interactive components:

  • The instructor posts lectures once a week. You can read them online, print them, or download them at your convenience.
  • Exercises and readings illustrate each week's lecture topics.
  • Students post completed assignments for feedback and discussion by the instructor and class.
  • Chats allow the class to work together via instant messaging. Transcripts are available for review if you can't attend.
  • Technical support is available from Humber's Open Learning Centre.


          As its title implies, Advanced Fiction Workshop is for writers who have worked on short stories, a novel, a memoir or creative nonfiction essays, and they’re ready to polish and hone their work. It's an interactive, online, writer-centred class, in which writers focus on improving dialogue, plot lines and thematic elements in their work in a supportive yet critical group environment. They learn essential tips on how to edit and revise in order to create sophisticated pieces of writing that will draw (and keep) an editor's attention. This is an excellent opportunity to improve their craft and get ideas on where to place their work in the Canadian publishing industry. Students who complete this course are invited to submit their work for consideration for entry to the Creative Writing Summer Workshop. If they are accepted, they will receive a 10 per cent discount on tuition.


Contact:      Steve Bellamy                                   

                        416-675-6622 ext. 3450                       



To register, call 416-675-5005

Classes are held at Humber’s Lakeshore Campus, at the foot of Kipling Avenue, on Lake Shore Blvd. West.

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