Literacy and basic skills program

Skills for entry into college and other training

by Carol Visser


originally published October/November 2011


      The Toronto District School Board offers Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs at over 30 locations throughout Toronto.

     In the LBS program, we offer adults the opportunity to upgrade their skills in reading, writing, numeracy and basic computer skills. When learners attend our classes, they become more adept at finding and using information, communicating ideas, understanding and using numbers, and using digital technology.                 

      While many of our successful learners may be hesitant or a little nervous about coming back to school, once they start with us, they quickly discover that LBS classes could be an important stepping stone towards their goals.

      Here are some of their success stories. Note that we’ve changed the names of our learners to protect their privacy.

Police foundations and beyond

      David attended LBS classes and upgraded the skills he needed for admission to college. At college, he successfully completed the Police Foundations Program. He’s a volunteer constable now and is waiting to hear back from the Ontario Provincial Police.

      Dolores attended LBS and successfully upgraded her skills for admission to the adult credit high school. From high school, she successfully completed upgrading courses at the college level and has been admitted to York University.

      Mohammad upgraded his skills in the LBS program in order to be admitted to the adult high school. He is now completing his third year in a college accounting program.

      Safia tells us that as a result of her participation in LBS classes, she is better able to understand notes from her children’s school, manages her own appointments, and communicates more confidently on behalf of her disabled mother.

      These are but a few of the successes experienced by those who have taken advantage of the free upgrading programming Literacy and Basic Skills offers. Our classes are learner-centered, and allow learners to work at their own pace towards achieving their own goals.

     The program is free of charge and TTC tokens are provided to those who qualify. Those who would like more information can call our friendly staff at one of our three locations. They’ll be happy to help you.

EAST: 416-396-6904                             SOUTH: 416-393-1995                    WEST: 416-394-3809


Carol Visser is a program coordinator for the LBS Program at the Toronto District School Board.

Toronto, Canada